Pilgrim Angry
Out of the Blue
Tell me the truth
Time for us
Call my name
You came to me
I stand alone
No more questions
Pretty pictures
Franita's Wings
Pilgrim angry

Pilgrim Angry; describe themselves as 'rock – classical' and released their debut album 'Out of the Blue' on 3 September 2012 through Turning Worm Records and Nova distribution.

Sam O'Sullivan (U2 Studio Manager) says: “When I first heard their music I was stunned by the brilliance of the musical arrangements and could see that their talents put them in a class of their own. We are listening here to music that takes you to another place and excites and is full of promise. ”

Singer/songwriter Mark Smith says: “I've attempted to capture the sounds, smells and sights of nature, of the mundane and the exceptional, creating a diverse mix of emotion and energy, sewn together with threads of lyrical soul”.

The end result is an album that offers complex layers of melody and rhythm, incorporating classical arrangements with a solid backline and passionate vocals.

Pilgrim Angry: Mark Smith (singer/songwriter from Leeds now living in Richmond London) and Ian Livingstone (musician/composer/producer from Manchester now living in Guildford) are currently performing in London including showcases at the BBC Club, Western House with a three piece band, keys, string quartet and additional guest singers in order to promote their album.

Graham Griffiths (Turning Worm director) says, “Their live performances are electrifying with great animation and emotion from front man Mark Smith”.

Mark says: “The name Pilgrim Angry is a contradiction, representing the extremes of serenity and turmoil within my personality. My music reflects this contrast and is my life long pilgrimage.”

PILGRIM ANGRY are: Mark Smith (Singer/songwriter) Ian Livingstone (Award winning composer/producer/musician) Grace Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)


Anna Lancaster (Singer)

James Pusey (Guitarist)

Dan Drury (Bass guitarist)

Louis Sellers (Percussionist)

Steve Slater (Bass guitar (Head))

Pete Whitfield and 'Realstrings.com' (Strings)

Eva Mizerska (Cello, (Waiting))

All artwork by: giuliamauri.com

“Life is a pilgrimage. The man does not rest by the roadside Inns. He marches direct to the illimitable domain of eternal bliss, his ultimate destination” Quoted by Swami Sivananda (Indian yoga master/physician)

Contact: Mark Smith mark@pilgrimangry.com
Artwork by:
Giulia Mauri
Photographs by Anna Franklin

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